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Consulting and Development Services       

Atmel Corporation has chosen Gordon Minns & Associates (GMA) as a qualified resource for design and implementation of  AVR-based products.

Why Atmel AVR Processors?

After years of implementing products with many different microprocessors and microcontrollers, we at GMA have been impressed with the cost effectiveness of the AVR product line. From the point of view of a developer, the AVR processor has a rich instruction set that makes assembly language programming much easier than for processors having fewer machine-level instructions. 

The inclusion of a RAM-based deep stack in all but the smallest Atmel processors minimizes stack overflow concerns when deep nesting of subroutines is required.  The larger stack  permits  ANSI-standard C  to be used effectively as an alternative to assembly language even for small applications. The productivity gains are impressive, and the source code is much easier to maintain.

The mere fact that the 16-bit wide instructions can directly reference any address within a 64K address space means 'goodbye' to bank switching and ROM paging in all but very large applications. 

How Can GMA Help You?

Many developers cannot take the time to learn, nor justify the cost of some of the sophisticated development tools that permit rapid development of AVR applications. Once customers decide to market a new product, they want it developed....fast.  Lost sales resulting from long development time-to-market can be substantial...

Our in-house circuit design, software, and industrial design capability means that we can usually start from a concept and deliver a ready-to-test prototype in a few weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project.  This is possible because we have made a significant investment in AVR development and other tools including:

IAR C/ C++ Compiler with JTAG debugging (a significant improvement over traditional emulators).

Visual State (permits UML modeling and verifiable code...a must for medical applications).

AVR Internet Tools (for implementing low-cost Web-based control and monitoring applications).

GMA-developed Prototyping Boards (used to start software development ahead of circuit design)

GMA Application-Specific Code/Circuit Modules (pre-engineered circuit and software modules).

All this adds up to an extremely efficient development capability that saves you time and money.

We would be pleased to give a quick budgetary time and cost estimate, (under non-disclosure if required). We think you'll be surprised at our prices. Call us at (480) 215-1340, or use our quick-response email form on the Home page.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

It is our policy to refund 100% of the project cost if we fail to meet our Customers' specifications, or if  our Customer is not satisfied with the end-product. 



29039 N. 59th Street, Cave Creek AZ 85331
Phone (480) 215-1340