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Gordon Minns, Ph. D.

Experienced Electronic/ Software Design Engineer and Manager with expertise in:

  • Analog/Sensor Circuit Design
  • Switching Power Supply Design
  • Digital Logic Circuit Design
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Computer Networking & Servers
  • Mission-Critical Systems
  • PC Board Design and Layout
  • Life-Support Systems
  • Military Systems and Circuits
  • Feasibility/Cost Analysis
  • Manufacturing Engineering Support
  • Human Factors, Ergonomics
  • Embedded Software/Real Time OS
  • Microprocessor Application Circuits
  • PC Hardware/Software Design
  • Automated Test Fixtures
  • Web-based Applications
  • Design to FDA, CE, UL, FCC, IEC
  • Software Validation, System Testing
  • Project Management/Resource Allocation
  • Management of Design Engineering Teams
  • Quality Assurance/Safety Testing Procedures
  • Patent Application and Technical Writing
  • Self-motivated professional who can see the whole picture, while managing the details
  • Adept at project management, personnel management, and problem resolution
  • Effective leader with strong communication, presentation, and team-building skills
  • Travel experience: Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Mexico

Management Skills

Founded and/or managed five private and two public companies as President or Vice President.
Managed large product development and industrial automation projects. Formed and supervised multi-disciplinary design teams; hired and supervised design engineers.

Successfully directed operations of engineering departments of small to mid-size companies.
Conducted product development feasibility studies, developed and managed budgets, created timelines.

Prepared business plans, contracts, statements of work, and regulatory agency submissions. Managed US Government (NIH/NIOSH) Safety/Workplace Hazard Evaluation Laboratory. Successfully mentored and counseled other colleagues and fostered their self-improvement.

Engineering Skills

Expertise in analog circuit design, including sensors, amplifiers, linear and switching power supplies, RF circuits, oscillators, audio, and video circuits. Expertise in digital circuit design, including microprocessors, logic circuits, networking, PC peripherals, cellular telephone, digital audio and digital video, data transmission, distributed processing, ultrasonic imaging and precision distance measurement, industrial controllers. Expertise in computer software, including Real Time Operating Systems, embedded firmware, PC applications, graphic user interfaces, and automated test fixtures using Basic, C, C++, and assembly language in a DOS, Windows, and Linux/Unix environment.

Proficient in Windows, Linux/Unix, Visual State UML Modeling, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Visual Basic, Internet, Microsoft Project, PCAD, ORCAD, C, C++, Assembly Languages, HTML, CGI programming, FPGA Logic Design and many other Simulation/Analysis tools. Moderate proficiency in Java, Pascal, Electronic Workbench, pSpice, SQL, Cold Fusion, AutoCAD.

Engineering Accomplishments

Developed over 200 commercial products, including the first modular industrial computer (fore-runner of the PC), the first portable heart-lung machine, the first robotic kidney dialysis system, a new type of electro-surgery system, the first implementation of wired Ethernet, and numerous other pioneering products in the medical, dental, consumer, and industrial fields.

Has written numerous scientific articles and holds many foreign and domestic patents.
Projects often required special multi-disciplinary skills in physics, chemistry, physiology, biology, mechanical engineering, optics, mathematics, and control system stability analysis.

In the role of Chief Technology Officer for two companies, suggested applications for emerging technology and incorporated these technologies into real products.


Doctorate in BioEngineering/Biophysics and Medical Physiology. The curriculum included extensive electrical engineering, modeling, systems analysis, computer science, and engineering mathematics. West Virginia University, Morgantown WV. 1967-1970.

Three years of medical school, including all basic sciences and most clinical rotations. Part of the enhanced Ph.D. degree program. West Virginia University School of Medicine, Morgantown WV, 1970-1973.



29039 N. 59th Street, Cave Creek AZ 85331
Phone (480) 215-1340